Application process and checklists


Use our step by step guide to apply for a planning permit including forms and checklists:

First steps

1. Contact our Planning department on (03) 5422 0333 to find out if a planning permit is required and if what you want to do is allowed. You can also visit our Gisborne office and speak to one of our planners in person.  If you would like this advice to be confirmed in writing you must download and complete a Request for Planning Advice application form (Word(DOCX, 228KB) or PDF(PDF, 223KB)).

2. You can also request a pre-application meeting with a town planner to discuss your plans and find out if any changes or modifications might be required before you submit your application. Bookings are essential. 

3. Check the Macedon Ranges Planning Scheme zones to find out about  zones, overlays and other provisions that may apply for the use and development on your land. You can also search for individual property and planning reports from Land Channel website.

4. It is also a good idea to talk to your neighbours and explain what it is you want to do. This may save time down the track if you can address any concerns before you submit your application and the formal process begins.

5. You should also consider getting professional advice.  Planning assessment can be a complicated process and getting the right professional advice at this early stage in the process will help to ensure your ideas and vision is achievable.

Completing your application

1. Complete the Application for a Planning Permit Form (Word(DOCX, 78KB) or PDF(PDF, 611KB)) and any relevant checklists:

  • Planning permit application within a residential area - Checklist (available in Word(DOCX, 28KB))
  • Planning permit application for multiple dwellings on a lot - Checklist (available in Word(DOC, 90KB))
  • Planning permit application within a rural area - Checklist (available in Word(DOC, 74KB))
  • Planning permit application within an industrial or commercial area - Checklist (available in Word(DOC, 82KB))
  • Planning permit application for a subdivision - Checklist (available in Word(DOC, 76KB))
  • Planning permit application for an advertising sign - Checklist (available in Word(DOC, 60KB))
  • Planning permit application for vegetation removal - Checklist (available in Word(DOC, 61KB))
  • Planning permit application for a dam - Checklist (available in Word(DOCX, 25KB))
  • Planning permit application for a liquor license - Checklist (available in Word(DOCX, 23KB))
  • Planning permit application to remove or vary a restriction on a land title - Checklist (available in Word(DOCX, 23KB))
  • Planning permit application for a place of assembly - Guideline and Checklist (available in Word(DOCX, 397KB) and PDF(PDF, 209KB))

2. Organise payment by one of the following options:

  • visit one of our offices to lodge your application along with any fees,
  • email it to (credit card only). Complete credit card form (available in Word(DOCX, 175KB) and PDF(PDF, 222KB)) and submit it along with your application.
  • mail it to Macedon Ranges Shire Council, PO Box 151, Kyneton VIC 3444 (credit card or cheque only). Complete the credit card form (available in Word(DOCX, 175KB) and PDF(PDF, 222KB)) and submit it along with your application.

You must ensure that all supporting documentation is provided and any application fees are paid at the time you lodge your application. Failure to do so will delay your application.

After the application is lodged

Once you submit your completed application, we will review it to ensure it complies with the Macedon Ranges Planning Scheme. You will be notified of your planning application number and the responsible officer dealing with your application.  If more information is required, we will contact you and the application will not be considered until the additional information is provided.

Public notices and referrals

In some cases, we will require you to send by registered mail, notices to adjoining or adjacent land owners/occupiers; require you to place a public notice in local newspapers and/or onsite for a minimum period of 14 days.

During this time any person may lodge an objection to the application. The objection must be made in writing, and include the name and address of the objector, application number and state the reasons for the objection.

During this time your application may also be sent to other departments (for example, our engineering department) and external agencies such as VicRoads or local water authorities as per the requirements of the Planning Scheme. Each department and authority has 28 days to review the application and respond.

Planning permit applications are available online or can be inspected in person at our Gisborne office. This is so that people who may be affected by the application can view copies of plans and understand what is proposed.

Final steps

Once the advertising period has closed, any comments or objections received will be reviewed. If objections are received we may hold a meeting between you and the objector to allow both parties to freely discuss the proposal.

After this, we will either:

  • issue a permit
  • issue a ‘notice of decision to grant a permit’ (a notice which advises objectors that we have assessed the application to be acceptable, but gives objectors a chance to appeal the decision to the Victorian Civil & Administrative Tribunal)
  • issue a ‘notice of refusal’ if the permit is not approved.