Demolition and removal

If you are demolishing a building or removing part of it, then you will need to apply for a building permit. In some cases you will also need to apply for a planning permit.

Do you need a planning permit?

Before you begin preparing your application, you must contact our Planning unit on (03) 5422 0333 to find out if a planning permit is also required. If it is, you will need to obtain the planning permit before you can apply for a building permit.

Preparing your building permit application

1. Complete a Building Permit application form (available in Word(DOCX, 138KB) or PDF(PDF, 245KB)) and a Section 29A—Report & Consent application form (available in Word(DOCX, 149KB) and PDF(PDF, 212KB)).

2. Prepare 3 copies of each of the following drawings (to a scale of not less than 1:100) that shows:

  • an outline and description of the building or part of the building to be demolished or removed
  • an allotment plan showing the location of the building, the property boundaries  and any adjoining buildings
  • other buildings on the property
  • any streets, footpaths or crossings adjoining the allotment

3. Prepare 3 copies of each of the following documents that show:

  • if only part of the building is to be demolished or removed, you will need to provide an engineering report or similar documentation to prove that the remaining section of the building is structurally safe.
  • documentation that outlines the position and description of hoardings, allotment boundaries, barricades, and temporary crossings, protective awnings and outriggers
  • a written step-by-step description of the demolition or removal procedure from the roof downwards
  • evidence that the person or contractor who is completing the works has the necessary knowledge, experience, equipment and storage facilities to property conduct the demolition operations.
  • for works valued at over $5,000, proof of the builder’s registration details
  • for works valued at over $12,000, proof of the builder’s insurance details
  • for works valued at over $12,000, proof of Certificate of Consent (applies to owner builders only)
  • the Certificate of Title. Visit the Victorian Land Titles Office website for more information.

4. Submit your application. See the bottom of the building permit application form for submission options and any fees that apply.