Council Plan and Budget

Council Plan

The Council Plan 2017-2027 (Year Four)(PDF, 3MB) is the primary vision and goal setting document for Council during its current term. It sets out our key themes of liveability, efficiency and sustainability.

The Council Plan is organised around five main priorities.

  • Promoting health and wellbeing
  • Protecting the natural environment
  • Improving the built environment
  • Enhancing the social and economic environment
  • Delivering strong and reliable government.

The Council Plan incorporates the Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan in recognition of our role in improving community health and wellbeing. The background document Health and Wellbeing in the Council Plan 2017–2027 describes how we determined our health and wellbeing priorities. 

We will report on our progress of the plan to the community on a quarterly basis.


The Budget Report 2020/21(PDF, 1MB) describes the revenue, expenditure and resources required to deliver the full range of our services, facilities and projects to the community. It also represents the activities and initiatives that support the achievement of the goals and objectives defined in the Council Plan.

Similar to the Council Plan, we will report quarterly on the annual budget.

Strategic Resource Plan

The Strategic Resource Plan 2020/21(PDF, 1MB) outlines the resources needed to achieve the goals and objectives in our Council Plan. The principles outlined in the Strategic Resource Plan help to guide our financial decision making relating to long-term borrowing levels, use of financial reserves, rating strategy, capital investments and the provision of services. It also includes our long term financial forecast of financial statements and indicators.

The plan is reviewed annually as part of our annual budget preparation.