Back in the Game program

Back in the Game is a modified indoor sports program endorsed by the Council Of The Ageing (COTA). These modified stadium circuit classes are aimed at people 50+ years of age.  

The program aims to improve the physical wellbeing and a person's quality of life, and provide opportunities to connect socially in a fun and friendly environment.

Modified activities include:

  • walking soccer
  • walking netball
  • balloon volleyball
  • table tennis
  • and more. 

New participants  

New participants are encouraged to make an appointment to view a class in progress and speak with the instructor to confirm suitability. For further information email

Paperwork is required to be completed in full before participant commences classes.

Session location

Classes are held at Romsey Recreation Centre, 12 Park Lane, Romsey.

Session times and dates

Thursdays from 9.30am-10.30am

Classes are held during school terms only. 


$9.30 per session

Further information

For further information email or call (03) 5429 5637