Hanging Rock Strategic Plan

Council and the Victorian Government have developed a new strategic plan for Hanging Rock in order to ensure a thriving and resilient Hanging Rock precinct for the long term.

During 2017 and 2018 Council and the Victorian Government jointly commissioned the development of a new master plan for Hanging Rock.

Through this interim master plan process, it became apparent that a long term direction and vision for Hanging Rock should take precedence.

The Hanging Rock Strategic Plan was developed with the aim to further strengthen the reserve's long term strategic direction and recognise the significance of Hanging Rock and the precinct.

On 29 August 2018, Council resolved to adopt the Hanging Rock Strategic Plan in principle, subject to the Victorian Government agreeing to:

  • work with Council on an implementation plan for the immediate and high priority actions of the Hanging Rock Strategic Plan
  • begin discussions on the future ownership of the Council-owned East Paddock
  • providing $375,000 to support the maintenance of current infrastructure at the Rock.

The plan recognises the state and national significance of the precinct and sets out future objectives. The plan also outlines a greater involvement for Aboriginal Traditional Owner groups in future management arrangements.

View the strategic plan

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