Bushland reserves

Residents are welcome to visit any of the shire's bushland reserves to gain an appreciation of our unique bushland areas.

They are great places for activities such as bird watching, bush walking and nature photography.

The reserves are owned and managed by Council for the conservation of local flora and fauna.  Several reserves have environmental management plans.

For more information about each reserve, including its location, features and environmental management plan, see:

Prohibited activities

The following activities are not permitted in Council's bushland reserves in order to protect their environmental values:

  • motorbike riding
  • four wheel driving
  • collection of fire wood
  • camping
  • walking dogs off lead
  • horse riding
  • littering (please take all rubbish home with you).


Council is in the process of installing place identification and interpretive signs across all Council managed bushland and conservation reserves in accordance with the Bushland Reserve Signage Template(PDF, 9MB) adopted by Council in 2015.