Blocked or overflowing drains

Council is responsible for the maintenance of more than:

  • 9000 drainage pits
  • 233km of underground pipes
  • 280km of kerb and channel (concrete, bluestone and brick gutters)
  • 63 bridges
  • 4000 under road culverts 

Pits and drains

There are a range of different drains and pits in the Macedon Ranges, some maintained by Council and some by other agencies. Below you'll find information to help you identify the type of drain and the appropriate authority who can help you with your maintenance request.


Grated pit—storm water pit covered with a metal grate to stop rubbish entering the drain.


Side entry pit—located on a kerb and channel to catch stormwater from a road surface.


Kerb and channel—located on the roadside for road drainage and to provide a roadside barrier


Table drain—V-shaped drain located on the edge of the road.


Silt trap—captures sediment from water runoff.


Telstra pit—rectangular pit located on the footpath with a concrete cover. Call Telstra on 13 22 03.

Driveway culverts

Driveway culverts are usually installed to provide access to private property. Maintenance and clearing of driveway culverts is the responsibility of the property owner. 

In some instances we will assist with the clearing of culverts but only when the blockage appears to have resulted from issues with Council controlled assets (e.g. crushed rock washed into drain from road during a storm).


For more information contact our customer service team on (03) 5422 0333 or report an issue.