Is your child ready for Kindergarten?

Starting kindergarten is an exciting time in your family’s life.

Considering if your child is ready for kindergarten is an important step in helping set the foundations for a positive educational journey for your child.

Kindergarten information and readiness session

Thinking about enrolling your child in kindergarten for 2024 and unsure if they are ready for kindergarten?

Watch a recording of our Kindergarten Information and Readiness session that was held in June. 

How do you know if they are ready?

A child’s readiness for kindergarten is based on a child’s current development and not on their intelligence or your parenting. All children are different and can develop at different rates. When your child starts at kindergarten directly relates to the age they will start at primary school. When enrolling at 3-year-old kindergarten, we encourage families to plan ahead and consider the age they would like their child to start at primary school.

If your child’s birthday is between January and April, it is recommended that you carefully consider whether your child is ready to start 3-year-old kindergarten in the year they are eligible, and whether they would benefit from starting the following year.

Some children may benefit from a delayed start to kindergarten to allow them more time to gain skills that will help them to have a positive start to their learning journey.

When thinking about readiness for 3-year-old kindergarten, some things to consider are:

  • Separation and how your child separates from you - with support from Educators will your child be able to separate from you without becoming greatly distressed?
  • Is your child beginning to understand sharing with others and turn taking?
  • Are they able to understand simple instructions?
  • Are they easily understood?
  • Is your child able to ask for help when they need it?
  • Do you see your child being able to positively engage with other children in a group of up to 30 children?
  • Is your child progressing with toilet training?
  • Are they showing independence with feeding themselves and going to the toilet?
  • Can they follow basic instructions?
  • Are they able to help pack up?
  • How are their gross and fine motor skills?
  • Does your child tire easily? Do they still need a daytime sleep?

When your child starts 3-year-old kindergarten, their Educators will work with you to support their transition to kindergarten and creating a positive experience for your child. If your child is not ready for a full 7.5 hour day, they are not expected to stay the full day and our Educators will work around your child’s needs.

Two years of kindergarten

The Victorian Government funds one year of 3-year-old kindergarten, and one year of 4-year-old kindergarten.

There is no option to complete a second year of funded 3-year-old kindergarten.

For a child to repeat 4-year-old kindergarten they would need to be assessed for eligibility and have a second year approved.

It is important to consider if your child is ready to start 3 year old kindergarten as this may impact their readiness not only for 3-year-old kindergarten but also 4-year-old kindergarten and their readiness for school.

Kindergarten is a wonderful and positive experience for most children but if they start when they are not ready this can lead to them having an experience where they are surviving rather than thriving, and may impact their transition to school.

Benefits of waiting a little longer

There are some of the benefits of deferring a child’s start to kindergarten which include:

  • Increased confidence and social skills
  • More time to develop skills
  • Able to better manage
  • Increased understanding of instructions and following directions.

If you decide to defer your child’s start to kindergarten there are activities you can do in the meantime which may help build their confidence and skills including:

  • attending childcare
  • occasional care
  • regular playdates
  • joining a playgroup
  • library storytime sessions
  • preschool sports and dance programs like Kindagym, dance/movement classes.

If after considering some of the points above you feel your child is not ready to start kindergarten you do have the option to delay their start and register for the following year. To do this call our Enrolment Officer on (03) 5422 0239 or email