Permit advice for businesses

If you are considering starting up a new business, or are keen to grow and build your existing business in the shire, our Economic Development and Planning units can offer you advice and assistance with building and planning permits and regulations.

For example you may need to ensure you have adequate car parking, have a liquor licence, permits for business signs.

To find out more, contact our Economic Development unit on 03 5422 0333.

You may also need other licences, permits and approvals depending on what your business does. The Australian Business Licence and Information Service (ABLIS) is a quick and easy online service that will help you find out about all the licences, permits, approvals, standards and guidelines that you need to know about.

You simply input your business details into an online form and then create and download a personalised report that includes:

  • Local, State and Australian government regulations and requirements relevant to your business.
  • Licence fees
  • Application processes and forms
  • Periods of cover
  • Renewals.

To create your own report, see Australian Business Licence and Information Service