Small Business Friendly Councils Charter Agreement

In July 2021, Council signed up to the Small Business Friendly Councils (SBFC) charter agreement.(PDF, 174KB)

This charter is a commitment between Council and the Victorian Small Business Commission (VSBC) to work together to create a fair and competitive trading environment for local small businesses.

Progress will be reported on annually.

For more information, or to gain access to any of the resources or services highlighted below, call our Economic Development team on (03) 5422 0333 or email

Commitments and what you can expect from us

Work with small businesses disrupted by significant infrastructure projects

This means that Council will do its best to:

  • refer to the VSBC’s Small Business Engagement Guidelines when planning major works, and
  • request that external project managers do the same
  • provide small businesses with the VSBC’s Guide for Small Businesses on Managing Disruption

Support the creation of small business networks

The VSBC and Council will:

  • distribute the VSBC’s Guide to building stronger networks as needed
  • actively engage with small business networks and identify new opportunities for development
  • include representatives of local associations in conversations concerning small businesses

Streamlined permit approvals processes for small businesses

Council will work towards improving permit approvals processes for new small businesses.

This may include:

  • an ongoing commitment to consolidating processes; or
  • implementing new strategies to streamline permit approvals processes for small businesses

Prompt payment to local small businesses

Council will initiate processes to ensure invoices from small businesses are paid within 14 days.

Easy to read, easy to understand information for Victorian small businesses

Council will:

  • source and provide access to resources available at and VSBC
  • work with VSBC to develop new resources for small businesses

Open channels of communication between the VSBC and local councils

The VSBC and Council will:

  • advocate on behalf of small business and work with relevant agencies to progress matters of concern
  • provide access to commercial disputes resolution mechanisms as appropriate.