88A Wedge Street Kyneton and 90 Wedge Street Kyneton

A Development Plan (DP/2022/3) application was lodged with Council for 88A Wedge Street Kyneton and 90 Wedge Street Kyneton.

The property is situated to the north of the Piper Street.

Zoning history

The subject site consists of 19681m2 and is zoned General Residential Zone.

It was zoned this way through the 2013 Kyneton Structure Plan through Amendment C99macr, gazetted in 2017.

As part of this amendment the land was rezoned from Industrial 1 Zone to General Residential Zone and the Development Plan Overlay Schedule 17 – Wedge & Ebden Streets, Kyneton - Former Industrial Zone Area was applied.

The site is also covered by the Environmental Significance Overlay Schedule 4  and partially covered by the Land Subject to Inundation Overlay.

This plan must consider a subdivision design that identifies the location and distribution of all proposed uses. 

The Development Plan Overlay applied to the site requires a development plan to be submitted and approved prior to any planning permits being approved and development occurring. 

The owner’s consultants have advised that they have prepared the Development Plan to meet requirements of the General Residential Zone, the Development Plan Overlay Schedule 17, Environmental Significance Overlay Schedule 4, and the Land Subject to Inundation Overlay.

January 2024 update

Following Council’s refusal of the Wedge Street Development Plan (DP/2022/3) at the 6 December 2023 Planning Delegated Committee, the applicant has applied to VCAT to review Council’s decision.

Council is now preparing for the hearing and has obtained a representative to prepare the submission on Council’s behalf. The case has been given the VCAT reference number P1596/2023.

The hearing is scheduled to take place on 18 and 19 March 2024 via an online platform.

Under the Development Plan Overlay, residents do not automatically have the right to appeal to VCAT regarding an application for approval of a Development Plan or be part of the VCAT review process.

An affected person can apply to be joined to a proceeding under section 60 of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal Act 1998. In deciding whether to join a person to the proceeding, VCAT will have regard to provisions in the planning scheme that exclude participation by third parties and also the nature of the proceeding itself.

The decision to join an appeal is made by VCAT. For more information, contact VCAT.

Thank you to everyone for their contributions to the Wedge Street (Kyneton) Development Plan process.

We will provide updates with any additional information when it becomes available.

Planning Delegated Committee Meeting - July 2023

Council heard the submitters at the Planning Delegated Committee Meeting held on 12 July 2023 regarding the Development Plan application DP/2022/3 – 88A Wedge Street, Kyneton and 90 Wedge Street which seeks the approval of a Development Plan for the Wedge & Ebden Streets, Kyneton - Former Industrial Zone Area, Development Plan Overlay Schedule 17 (DPO17) for the land at 83 Powlett Street, and 88A and 90 Wedge Street, Kyneton. There is no requirement for DPO17 to be publically advertised but for consistency the application was advertised on the 2 June 2023. Adjoining and surrounding landholders and occupiers were informed of the application.

Thirty (30) submissions were received and heard. View redacted submissions here(PDF, 9MB)

A decision will be made on the application at a future Planning Delegated Committee.

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