Kyneton Community Park

Kyneton Community Park Playground

Located within the heart of the town’s botanic gardens, the Kyneton Community Park offers a unique nature based play experience for people of all ages and abilities. The play space provides children a place to explore, connect, create and play. The play space is free and open to the public all year.

The play space nestles into the informal section of the Kyneton Botanic Gardens and can be accessed from McKenna Drive (off Mollison Street) or from Clowes Street. 

Visitors are encouraged to come and experience its features that make reference to Kyneton's past as an agricultural hub, and its present features like the Campaspe River and local mineral springs. 


Update 1/12/23: To allow for some finishing works, the interactive splash pad is expected to be back in operation from Friday 8 December, open through until March 2024.

The recent upgrades will improve water quality and system reliability for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy.


Water play

The interactive splash pad features small bubblers that cascade water over rocks, and larger water jets that splash water onto the splash pad for children to play in and walk through.

The splash pad features a range of timed jets and bubblers linked to foot sensors to provide children a place to explore, splash, connect, create and play.

Operating times and conditions of use

The system is automated to operate between 9.30am and 8pm in summer months and foot buttons are only active during these times. 

The splash pad is a treated body of water that must meet health regulations to operate. The control system continually tests the water and when chemical levels do not meet specifications, it will turn itself off to fix the issue. This may cause the splash pad to stop operating for as little as five minutes, or on occasion it may take more than an hour. Once the system detects the chemical levels are acceptable the splash pad will restart.

Recent upgrades to the splash park have improved water quality and system reliability so people of all ages and abilities can enjoy an interactive nature-based splash pad experience.

Signs placed at access paths to the water play feature will detail the conditions of use. Parental supervision of children using the water play feature is required. No dogs or pets are allowed. Food, drink and glass is banned.

Park features

The play space and botanic gardens feature:

  • a ropes course
  • giant swing
  • basket swing
  • mazes
  • refurbished tractors
  • sand play
  • balancing logs
  • seating logs
  • a water-play splash pad
  • cubbies
  • table tennis
  • petanque piste
  • botanical garden with significant trees and plants
  • open space for people to take a stroll, exercise or a jog
  • seats and lawn areas to sit and read or just rest and enjoy a break
  • barbecue and picnic shelter.

The play space includes activities and picnic areas for the whole community and offers a connection with local history, nature and the beauty and significant trees of the botanic gardens.


  • The playground has accessible paths to a variety of activities including a low rope net, water play and basket swing.
  • Accessible car parking is located at the McKenna Drive entrance to the play space.
  • An accessible toilet is provided.
  • An accessible picnic table is provided.

Community-led vision

This community-led project was completed in June 2017 after years of planning, campaigning and fundraising by a local committee. The park was designed by Laidlaw and Laidlaw Landscape Architects and its features reflect local history and current town features. The park was completed with funds from the Australian Government ($500,000), the Victorian Government ($300,000), Council ($100,000) and community contributions ($45,000).


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