Economic profile


We are located approximately 50km north west of Melbourne on the Calder transport corridor with Bendigo to the north and the Bendigo-Melbourne railway which runs the length of the shire. This coupled with our close proximity to Melbourne Airport, the Port of Melbourne and the metropolitan area makes the Macedon Ranges an ideal place to set up a business. 

Statistics and economic profile

Approximately 605 businesses are located in Gisborne including New Gisborne and 451 businesses located in Kyneton.

ABR data highlights that as of 30 June 2018 there were 3,386 businesses in the shire.  An analysis of the workforce illustrates the five largest industry sectors were:

  • Health care and social assistance (1,692 people or 12.7%)
  • Construction (1,1558 people or 11.7%)
  • Education and training (1,508 people or 11.3%)
  • Retail trade (1,478 people of 11.1%)
  • Accommodation and food services (1,102 people or 8.3%)

Combined these five industries employed 7,338 people in total or 55% of the total workforce.

Our industries


The Macedon Ranges Agribusiness Plan 2013–18 addresses the challenges and opportunities facing the agricultural industry. It also recognises and promotes the industry’s contribution to the local economy and community. 


The equine industry is an important part of the culture and ethos of the Macedon Ranges and forms a large part of the local economy, with an estimated economic impact of $140 million per annum.


Tourism is a key industry in the Macedon Ranges, accounting for 16.6% of all jobs and generating $292 million per annum (direct and in-direct visitor expenditure). On average, the shire attracts over 1 million visitors annually, with day trip visitors being most prominent.