Sustainable Land Management

Healthy Landscapes for Healthy Livestock

Healthy Landscapes for Healthy Livestock and Productive Farms in the Macedon Ranges

As part of the Biodiversity Strategy, we have been able with the support of a Commonwealth Government National Landcare Program grant, employ a Private Land Conservation Officer to work with private landholders.

The project officer provides services such as one-on-one farm advice, and information through education events such as workshops, seminars, courses, land manger discussion groups and resources.

As a result of being involved in the project, land managers in the shire and Upper Coliban Catchment will have enhanced their capacity to implement sustainable land management practices, including regenerative grazing techniques, which improve soil health, reduce exposure to climate risks and enhance biodiversity. Land managers will improve the wellbeing of their land, stock and themselves.

The one on one advisory service will help by establishing a clear plans for:

  • New land managers, by assisting the setting up your new property and refer you to the current best regenerative grazing practices.
  • Established land managers, by assisting in the adjustment of current practices to incorporate techniques that improve soil health, improve pasture productivity and reduce exposure to climate and other risks.
  • Livestock managers, by making changes on the property to improve the wellbeing of your stock and improve the pasture/grasslands on the property.

Farm Advisory Service

Our free 1:1 advisory service offers an on-farm visit focused on giving practical options that are tailored to your situation. The service supports farming decisions that:

  • improves your grazing
  • improves productivity
  • improves soil health
  • improves biodiversity
  • improves waterway health

To book an appointment, call Jason McAinch on 0455 210 436 or email

Property Management Plans

If you are constructing a dwelling on land that falls within a Farming Zone or Rural Conservation Zone, you may need to prepare a Property Management Plan(DOCX, 2MB) as part of your Planning Permit Application. 

For resources on development of a Property Management Plan, visit the Victorian Landcare Gateway

Contact us on (03) 5422 0333 for further information or for assistance with the preparation of your plan.


Understanding Your Farm Soil Webinar Series

This webinar series covers soil biology testing, soil carbon and organic matter. 


Managing your pastures in a changing climate 

World renowned farmer, Colin Seis shares how to establish and maintain flourishing pastures while improving soil health in an ever-changing climate.

Part 1


Part 2


Caring for Country resource

'Caring for Country' is a guide to sustainable land management aimed at landholders who want to better manage their land. It includes an introduction to our indigenous heritage, the value of biodiversity and the importance of being a good neighbour.

The guide offers practical information including links to organisations and agencies that can help landholders to build their knowledge of sustainable farming practices. With more information at hand, landowners can make better decisions to ensure their land is economically and environmentally sustainable.

Download Caring For Country(PDF, 6MB).