Sort your load and save

Why sort your load?

You can save time, effort and money by making a few small changes to how you pack your load before your trip to the transfer station.  

Transfer stations have different charges for different materials and many recyclable materials are accepted for free, so by separating recyclables from other waste items you can save on fees.

Residents can dispose of the following materials free of charge:

  • Green waste (residential)
  • Electronic waste (E-waste) - Mobile phones, batteries, televisions, radios, video players, DVD players any general electric household items with a plug, cord or battery
  • Light globes (all types)
  • Scrap metal - white goods, steel, metal cans, lawn mowers, wire, aluminium
  • Paper and cardboard (please separate) - household quantities (you can bundle using cotton string or twine - as long as it's not a plastic string)
  • Glass bottles/jars and recyclable plastics

For more information on accepted items and fees visit: Accepted Items


  • Check ahead to find out what can be recycled
  • Pack your trailer so the attendant can easily see what is in your load
  • Pack similar materials together
  • Separate recyclable from non-recyclable
  • Secure your load with a net, tie down straps or ropes before you head off to the transfer station

Secure your load

Did you know it is illegal not to secure your load? Loose loads can be dangerous, and sometimes fatal, to you and other drivers. Motorists who fail to secure their load may be fined. Always ensure your load is correctly secured with nets, tie down straps or ropes before you head off to the Transfer Station.

For more information from VicRoads on fines for not securing your load correctly please visit: Securing your load