Gisborne Fields Landscape Plan implementation

  • Project value$497,820
  • Project scheduleUnderway

Gisborne Fields Landscape Plan 2018 is guiding the development of the three acres of land located in the Gisborne Fields Estate into a park for the local community.

The first stages of the landscape plan have been completed, including the installation of playground equipment (in 2019), the development of shared pathways (in 2020), and construction of a new picnic shelter and supporting facilities such as a BBQ, picnic tables, bike rails and a drinking fountain (in 2022).

Council allocated further funding in 2022-2023 to undertake stage 4 of the landscape plan, works included improved grass surfaces, tree planting, park furniture and perimeter bollards. The stage 4 implementation area is expected to be open for public use in February 2024.

Council’s 2023-24 budget also includes funding for the implementation of stage 5 of the landscape plan, this stage will see an expansion of the existing play space as well as some further tree planting and low level vegetation. These works are expected to occur during the 2023-2024 financial year.

Coming soon in 2024

Stage 5 is scheduled to begin in 2024.

Completed in 2023

Works in 2023 established bollard and pole perimeter fencing, and the forming of undulating mounds in the northern wedge of the reserve.

Softscape works established gardens in the northwest and southwest corners, and numerous additional trees being planted throughout the north wedge. 

Park furniture was also installed including several bench seats. A set of AFL goal posts creates a casual kickabout area. 

2023 works have enhanced the reserve significantly with the perimeter fencing helping to formalise the site as a recreational park. The kickabout area and bench seating, in addition to the existing playground and barbecue picnic shelter, supports a recreational space that promotes wellbeing. 

Completed in 2022

These works included the construction of a new picnic shelter, barbecue, seating and a drinking fountain. Bike racks were built. Tree, shrub and grass plantings improved the landscape amenity of the park by providing shade canopy trees and pockets of vegetation.


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