Council meeting dates

Council Meetings are held at the Gisborne Administration Centre, 40 Robertson Street, Gisborne (opposite the police station).

Meeting dates may be added or changed throughout the year.

To understand how Council meetings are run, including the difference between an Ordinary (O) and a Special Council Meeting (S), see: Council Meetings.





19/12/2018 O 7pm Gisborne
20/2/2019  S223  7pm  Gisborne 
27/2/2019 O 7pm Gisborne
27/3/2019 O 7pm Gisborne
24/4/2019 O 7pm Gisborne
22/5/2019 O 7pm Gisborne
26/6/2019 O 7pm Gisborne
24/7/2019  7pm Gisborne 
28/8/2019  7pm  Gisborne 
25/9/2019  7pm  Gisborne 
23/10/2019  7pm  Gisborne 
20/11/2019  7pm  Gisborne 
27/11/2019  7pm  Gisborne 
18/12/2019  7pm  Gisborne