Small Community Grants Scheme


Please note: The Small Community Grant Scheme is currently under review. A report is being presented to the Ordinary Council Meeting on 22 August 2018.

The Small Community Grants Scheme supports community projects that are unlikely to be funded through annual funding schemes.

They are open throughout the year, except in the lead up to a Council election.

Who can apply?

Non-for-profit community groups—not individuals—can apply for funding. Schools are eligible, as long as the purpose is outside the normal responsibilities of the school and state government. Funding cannot be used for political purposes.

Community township festivals and events are eligible to apply however major festivals are encouraged to seek funding through the annual Events & Festivals Grant Program.

What type of project?

There must be a clear link between your grant application and the priorities in the Council Plan. Your project must be a ‘one-off’ and begin and end in the same financial year. If the project involves works to a Council building, the works must be approved by the relevant building manager.

How much?

Grants of up to $1500 are available. Your community group can only receive one Small Community Grant per financial year.

Who decides?

Eligible applications are submitted in a report to the monthly Ordinary Council Meeting for consideration.

How to apply and more information

Please complete the application form before the first Friday of every month to be considered for that month's Ordinary Council Meeting. For more information, contact Council’s Governance Administration Officer via or 5422 0320.