Fitness centres

Our fully equipped gyms consist of state of the art equipment for all abilities. Some pieces of equipment are highly accessible for example:

  • low-entry recumbent bike suitable for those with limited hip flexibility
  • wheel-chair accessible X-Cable machine
  • seated or wheel-chair ergometer
  • Smith machine.

The gym has such a large range of equipment including:

  • dumbbells
  • mats
  • therabands
  • fitballs
  • fixed weight equipment.

 Everyone is different with different abilities. Talk to our fitness centre staff about exercises and equipment that can work best for you.

Aquatic facilities

Our aquatic centres have an adult change table and hoists fitted in both the family and accessible change rooms for convenience. Kyneton Toyota Sports and Aquatic Centre also has a compact active standing hoist. This mobile hoist can assist people who can weight bare but have limited mobility to enjoy the benefits of water activity at the centre. A further benefit of the mobile compact active standing hoist is the ease and safety of transfer to and from the pool and change room facilities. 

Both our warm water and 25m pools have ramp access with a water wheelchair available for use.

If you are having difficulty entering or exiting our aquatic facilities talk to our staff for assistance.

Leisure centres

All our leisure centres have ramp access to the entry of the building for accessibility.

Our stadiums have limited wheelchair viewing areas around the courts. All meeting rooms with the exception of the upstairs room at Romsey Recreation Centre and the viewing area at Macedon Community Centre are fully accessible. The upstairs studio at Kyneton Toyota Sports & Aquatic Centre is accessible via a lift.  All facilities are fitted with an accessible toilet.

If you have any questions or issues regarding accessibility to any of our centres please feel free to contact each centre to speak to one of our friendly staff.