Mount Gisborne Reserve

Mount Gisborne Reserve is a 12.7 hectare, scoria cone woodland owned by Council.

The reserve is located on the summit of Mount Gisborne, a 100-metre high lava hill that overlooks the township of Gisborne. The reserve is located approximately 55 kilometres north-west of Melbourne and approximately four kilometres south of the Gisborne central business district.

Vegetation is dominated by a canopy of Manna Gum Eucalyptus viminalis subsp. viminalis over a dense ground layer of Common Tussock-grass Poa labillardierei.

The mid-storey comprises a variety of wattle Acacia and shrub species to varying levels of cover. This endangered vegetation community is rare and localised and is the only site of its type in the Port Phillip and Westernport catchment.

An informal walking track ascends the reserve to the summit of the mount, which features large basalt boulders and rock crevices that harbour the highest diversity of indigenous species within the reserve.

The summit provides the visitor with spectacular views of the Macedon Ranges, Pyrete Range and Melbourne’s CBD. Eastern Grey Kangaroos are often seen grazing in this reserve.

View the Environmental Management Plan for Mount Gisborne Reserve.


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