Gisborne Fields landscape plan implementation

  • Project value$500,000
  • Project scheduleUnderway
  • Completion Date30 June 2022

Gisborne Fields Landscape Plan 2018 , is guiding the development of the three acres of land located in the Gisborne Fields Estate into a park for the local community.

The first stages of the landscape plan have been completed, these included the installation of playground equipment (in 2019) and the development of shared pathway around the reserve and some intersecting pathways (in 2020).

Council has allocated further funding to undertake the next stages of the landscape plan, works will include the development of a new picnic shelter and supporting facilities such as a BBQ, picnic tables, bike rails and a drinking fountain. Improved grass surfaces, tree planting, park furniture, signage and perimeter fencing are also proposed.

Planning for the delivery of these works in the 2021-2022 financial year is underway.

Anticipated completion date is June 2022.


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