Political and election signs

The following information reflects Council's position on the use of signage by candidates at Federal, State and Local government elections.

Private property

Electoral signage with an advertisement area not exceeding five square metres and which is not animated or internally illuminated may be placed on private property (with the consent of the landowner) without a planning permit subject to: 

  • only one sign being placed on the land
  • the sign being on display for no longer than 14 days after the election or for a period of three months from installation, whichever is the sooner
  • the sign only publicising information about a candidate for an election.

Each sign must have the name, street address and contact phone number of a person responsible for the sign. Note that if the land abuts a freeway or arterial road reserve, written consent from the Head of Transport for Victoria may be required. 

Mobile signage

Signage on vehicles, trailers and/or caravans are allowed subject to compliance with the Road Management Act 2004, road safety rules and regulations. The parking of vehicles with political signage must comply with all road rules and regulations. If the vehicle is parked within a road reserve of an arterial road or freeway, written consent from the Head of Transport for Victoria is required unless an exemption applies.

Arterial roads and freeways

All advertising and signage that is placed within the road reserve of an arterial road or freeway requires the prior written consent from the Head of Transport for Victoria.

Council roads (non-arterial)

Electoral signage must not be placed on Council road reserves without a valid Local Law permit. Please contact Council’s Local Laws Unit for further information about permit requirements.

Council property

Signage will not be permitted on any Council properties, recreation reserves, bushland reserves, and/or at any Council facilities.

To discuss any requirements for election signage beyond these specifications, contact Council on (03) 5422 0333 or via mrsc@mrsc.vic.gov.au

For further guidance about Transport for Victoria requirements, contact nr.admin@roads.vic.gov.au.

Any unauthorised electoral signage may be removed by the relevant Authority, with fees and/or fines applying.