Parking rules and fines

Parking rules exist to ensure that people get a fair and equal chance to park, ensure that traffic flows smoothly and reduce any dangers caused by unsafe parking.

The time limits on parking are there to ensure that as many people as possible can get access to the parking area.  Remember to check the time limit in a parking area because if you park longer than allowed, you may receive a fine.

If there is no signage, check whether the area is suitable for parking.  Unsuitable parking areas include parking too close to an intersection, driveway, fire hydrant or school crossing, as well as parking on a nature strip.  If you are unsure of the rules, visit VicRoads’ Safety and Road Rules

Parking fines

Parking fines are dealt with in the same way as other fines issued by Council officers.  See: Fines & Offences for more details on payments and appeal of fines.

Disabled Parking Permits

There are many disabled parking bays available throughout the shire. See Disabled Parking Permits to find out more about applying for a permit.