Removal of tree on Honour Avenue in Macedon

Last updated on 11 September 2023


Council will begin tree removal works on an unsafe Pin Oak tree located in Honour Avenue, Macedon this week.

A split in the trunk of the tree, indicating internal decay, was discovered by a Council contractor on 30 August. To ensure public safety, the tree was temporarily braced until a proper assessment could be arranged.

An independent arborist assessment was conducted on 31 August to advise if anything could be done to retain the tree due to its significance from a heritage perspective. The assessment confirmed the decay to be too severe and a recommendation was made to remove it within two weeks, citing the potential risks to the community and nearby properties.

As the tree is heritage-listed, Heritage Victoria has been consulted regarding its removal.

Following the removal of the tree and its stump, a replacement tree will be planted within 30 days, subject to availability.

Adjacent property owners have been advised of the tree's removal.  

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