Website accessibility


As part of our aim to improve access to information about our services, we have provided a range of accessible features on this site, and we will be adding to these features in the future. 

Documents and forms

All of our downloadable forms on this site have been provided as Word documents and formatted in an effort to ensure that everyone can access and fill these in. You can choose to print each form and fill it in by hand; or save it to your computer and fill it in electronically (with the exception of some fields that require an signature).

The website also offers a range of fillable PDF forms, so you will be able to choose from either format.

By offering both file formats, this will help to ensure that our information is accessible across various operating systems (e.g. Windows or Mac), and screen readers.

We will also be working towards providing other publications such as strategies and reports in accessible formats.

Increasing text size

Our website supports the ability to change the text size on your screen by adjusting your browser settings. There are different ways to adjust these settings and it depends on what browser you are using. For more information, search the support or 'Help' pages of your host browser.

It is important to note that increasing your text size settings may affect the way certain pages are displayed.

Listen to our website

If you have trouble reading text online, you can use the ReadSpeaker tool on our website, which lets you listen to the text on a web page.

To use it, simply look for the Readspeaker 'Listen' icon and press the play button in the top right hand corner of each webpage. You don't need to download any software to use it.

Tell us what you think 

If you have any suggestions about how we could make our website more accessible, we would love to hear from you.

Contact our Communications Unit on 5422 0302 or email