Autumn visitors

Autumn visitors 2021

Over the past few years, we have continued to improve management measures as increasing numbers of visitors come to experience our beautiful part of the world in autumn.

With the autumn busy period almost here, we write to share management measures that will be implemented during March and April this year.

In December 2019, we invited residents from Macedon and Mount Macedon to provide feedback and share ideas at two drop-in sessions, or through an online survey. This feedback helped to confirm key priorities for this year’s management plan:   

  • Close Honour Avenue to visitor traffic between Waterfalls Road and Mount Macedon Road
  • Provide additional toilets and bins at Centennial Park and in Mount Macedon township
  • Increase traffic management controls and provide additional parking
  • Increase the shuttle bus service
  • Enhance communications to encourage visitors to use the train and free shuttle bus service

We incorporated your ideas into the draft management plan, which was intended to be implemented in 2020, however this never eventuated due to the impacts of COVID. This year we will implement similar measures as planned for in 2020, as endorsed by key stakeholders including Victoria Police and the Country Fire Authority. We will be able to scale up or down as required depending on levels of visitation.

We will maintain COVID safe practices, and continually modify our messaging and management in line with state government regulations to encourage a COVID safe environment. 

Summary of temporary management measures

To be implemented 9am-5pm on weekends and public holidays from Saturday 27 March to Monday 26 April:

  • Increased visitor parking
    • The primary car park will now be in the large paddock behind Church of Resurrection, access off Mount Macedon Road.
    • Tony Clarke Reserve will be used for overflow parking, accessed via Turritable Road.
  • Traffic management
    • Honour Avenue closed to visitor traffic between Mount Macedon Road and Waterfalls Road - 9am-5pm weekends and public holidays only.
    • No stopping zone along Honour Ave, Waterfalls Road and Manorina Way for full five weeks.
    • Increased bollards (or equivalent) along Waterfalls Road and upper Mount Macedon Road to discourage parking in problem areas. Some bollards to remain in place for full five weeks.
    • Increased traffic management personnel.
  • Shuttle bus service
    • Park and ride shuttle busses running between Macedon Train Station, Centennial Park, and Mt Macedon township.
    • Forest Glade Gardens will be running a shuttle bus from Centennial Park to its gardens.
  • Visitor amenity
    • Additional toilets at Centennial Park and in Mount Macedon township.
    • More event bins where required.
    • Local community groups to provide light food and drink options at Centennial Park.
  • Visitor Communications
    • Improved information on
    • Increase in social media messaging.
    • Visitor information booth at Centennial Park.
    • Roadside messaging boards.

Autumn Festival 

This year we are also supporting a shire-wide Autumn Festival, which is a promotional campaign to support local business and showcase all the events and promotional activities in the shire. We will actively promoting this to encourage visitors to the autumn leaves to visit other parts of the shire.  Visit to learn more about Autumn Festival and how you can support your local community.

Why not join in the fun? Autumn is the perfect time to explore your own backyard - pop down to the Visitor Information Booth at Centennial Park to plan the perfect local weekend!

If we have missed any key issues, feel free to contact us on 5421 9616.