Events and permit requirements

What is an event?

An event is an organised activity which is open to the public, being held on public or private land, where an open area, facility, venue, road or temporary structure is being used by more people than are usually found in that location. 

If an activity that you are planning fits this definition, you will be required to go through Council's event notification process and possibly apply for a planning permit for a Place of Assembly. 

If you are unsure if you need to complete this process, contact Council's Events & Festivals Officer, Nicole Pietruschka on (03) 5421 9521 or email

Events and Festivals Planning Guide

The Events & Festivals Planning Guide(PDF, 1MB) is designed to assist organisers plan and manage events in the Macedon Ranges. It offers information on the roles and responsibilities of organisers and provides guidance to assist with delivering events that are sustainable, successful and compliant with state legislation and Council policies.

The guide covers:

  • event notification process
  • event planning
  • venues/sites
  • insurance
  • food and beverage
  • event operations
  • accessible and inclusive events
  • traffic management
  • risk management
  • emergency management
  • signage
  • marketing
  • budget and funding
  • event evaluation
  • cancelling or postponing.

For more information, call Nicole Pietruschka, Events & Festivals Officer on (03) 5421 9521 or email

Event notification process

Step 1

Complete a Proposed Event Notification Form(DOCX, 141KB) at least eight weeks prior to your event. We encourage event organisers to start this process as early as possible as, permits may be required that have longer timelines. 

Please note: If you are booking a council facility for your event, you will also need to submit the Facility Booking Hire Form.

Prior to submitting the event notification form, it is important that you identify and take the appropriate steps to prevent and/or reduce the potential impact that your proposed event might have on others.

For example, communicating with residents or businesses who may be affected with details of the proposed event and the impacts. Possible impacts could include increase in noise, traffic etc.

Please note: You must have public liability insurance (PLI) to run an event. If you do not have PLI, you will need to work with or align your event with an organisation that does have PLI as your event cannot proceed without the appropriate insurance in place.

Step 2

Once the Proposed Event Notification Form is received and assessed, event organisers will be provided with advice on actions that may need attention, permits that may be required, assistance that may be available and promotional opportunities.

Step 3

Once all necessary permits have been obtained and actions addressed the event can go ahead.

For more information, call Nicole Pietruschka, Events & Festivals Officer on (03) 5421 9521 or email