Carer support and respite

Are you a carer for someone close to you? Or do you have a carer? 

We provide a range of respite services to carers through our Home Support program. We also organise activities for carers which can take place either in the home or out in the community.

Carers need to be given the opportunity for a break from their responsibilities. This is part of our role of supporting older people and people with a disability to remain living at home and in their community with safety, dignity and an acceptable quality of life.

For more information, call our assessment team on (03) 5422 0244 or email

Carers Recognition Act 2012

The Carers Recognition Act 2012 provides legal recognition of the vital role that carers play in our community.

It means carers, as well as the people they care for, must be recognised, respected and supported by organisations providing services.

Under the Act, services must respect carers' wishes, consult with them, and involve them in all decisions. Carers' cultural identity and preferences must also be considered.

The Act applies to state government departments, local councils and any organisations funded by government.