Living in a Gendered World

A community storytelling project

Want to take part in an innovative storytelling project?

This unique project aims to explore, through your personal story, how gender has influenced your life.

We are seeking people of all genders to be trained in the art of storytelling culminating in you performing your story at a storytelling event (no previous storytelling experience is necessary).

Two workshops per participant will be held over September, October and November and are split based on gender: male, female and gender non-conforming. Participants who identify as gender non-conforming can choose which group they would like to be in.

How to get involved

To express your interest, all you have to do is fill in a simple online form and answer the following questions:

  • Why do you want to participate in this program?
  • What are a few of your thoughts about living in a gendered world?

All participants will be coached and supported through the program which includes:

  • Two x one day workshops where participants form a story and fine tune it while learning the art of storytelling
  • An online or in-person individual coaching session
  • A practice rehearsal
  • A performance (the workshops culminate in a free community storytelling event in December.)

We understand that participating in this project may bring up sensitive emotional memories for those involved and while the workshop seeks to support and guide everyone to be safe in this process, the individual is responsible for taking personal responsibility for their emotional wellbeing and choosing which story they work on.

  Express your interest

Applications close on Friday 2 August.

For more information, call Emilie Byrne on (03) 5422 0206.