Community emissions profile

Accounting for emissions generating from any one local government area is problematic, due to the many variable factors to be considered. The Global Protocol for Community-scale greenhouse gas Inventories (GPC) is an established method for measuring emissions at the community level in a consistent manner, and in 2019, the Snapshot Climate project published nationwide data showing emissions at the local government level for 2017-2018.  

For Macedon Ranges Shire, the following emissions profile was determined:

  • Electricity – 51% (22% residential, 13% commercial, 16% industrial)
  • Gas – 11% (7% residential, 1% commercial, 3% industrial)
  • Transport – 30%
  • Agriculture – 6%
  • Waste – 2%

One source of emissions worth noting is in regards to waste. Under the GPC, emissions associated with disposal of solid waste are accounted for at the receiving landfill, so for Macedon Ranges Shire, where there is no landfill site, emissions associated with waste as shown in the profile relate to the wastewater treatment plants operating within the shire. Council is working to measure emissions associated with treatment of all waste streams generated within the shire, in order to identify opportunities for reducing emissions

For more information and to find out how the community emissions profile was determined, view the full report.