New four bin kerbside collection service rollout

Your bin collection service is changing from February 2020.

Major changes in the recycling industry have impacted the way waste and recyclables are collected and processed in Australia.

We’ve been working hard to find innovative solutions and we are transitioning towards a more sustainable and responsible collection service.

From early 2020 we will start the rollout of a four bin kerbside collection service. The four bins are:

A FOGO collection coupled with a recycling service has been proven to reduce waste going into the general waste bin. We see this as a vital step in reducing the amount of waste going to landfill.

Your bin collection day may change when the new services start in February 2020. An information pack, including your new waste collection calendar, will be delivered to you prior to the start of the new services.

There is no increase to the waste service charge in your rates this financial year. Waste service charges will be recalculated approaching the new financial year. This will be in line with changes to the recycling market and EPA landfill levies.

We know our community is committed to reducing waste and we thank you for your assistance while we work to implement solutions.

For more information, email or call our customer service team on (03) 5422 0333.

Glass-only bin (purple lid)

  • Your new 140 litre glass-only bin will be delivered to all residents and businesses during January and February 2020.
  • Collection will be every four weeks, with collection services starting during February and March 2020.
  • Commercial properties that require multiple glass-only bins can request more by contacting our customer service team on (03) 5422 0333.

Recycling bin (yellow lid)

  • Your 240 litre recycling bin will continue to be collected fortnightly.
  • No glass should be placed in this bin.
  • Until your new glass-only bin arrives, please continue to take glass to public place glass-only drop off points, transfer stations, or as a last resort, place glass into your general waste bin (red or dark green lid).

FOGO bin (lime green lid)

  • From February 2020 Council is introducing a FOGO (Food Organics Garden Organics) service. The service will be phased in and available shire-wide by 2025.
  • Letters were sent in December to ratepayers to notify if the property is included in the first stage of the FOGO roll out.
  • If your property is not included in the first stage of the FOGO rollout; you will be notified when this service becomes available. Stage 2: If you live in Bullengarook, Monegeetta, Newham, Tylden and Malmsbury, the service will reach you in 2020/2021 financial year. Stage 3: The service will expand to all remaining areas of the shire in 2023/2024 financial year.
  • The new full FOGO service will allow you to place all food waste, including meat and bones, into your FOGO bin.
  • Kitchen caddies, caddy liners, and information packs will arrive during January as will your new 240 litre FOGO wheelie bin (if you don’t already have one).
  • If you already have a 240 litre garden waste bin (lime green lid), this becomes your FOGO bin.
  • Collection of FOGO bins will be weekly, with collection services starting from the start of February 2020.
  • Commercial properties that that require multiple FOGO bins can request more by contacting our customer service team on (03) 5422 0333.

Rubbish/general waste bin (red or dark green lid)

  • Once your weekly FOGO collection starts, your general waste bin will move to being collected fortnightly.
  • Collection of your rubbish/general waste bin will occur on the opposite fortnight to your recycling bin.
  • If you are outside of the initial FOGO areas, your general waste bin collection will remain weekly until FOGO reaches you.
  • Property owners who wish to upgrade to a larger (240L) rubbish bin can do so for a fee from March 2020. However we encourage the use of the four bin system. More information about how to upgrade will be published on this website soon.  
  • If you, or someone living with you, has a disability or medical condition resulting in the need for extra rubbish bin capacity, a concession rate may be offered. For more information call our customer service team on (03) 5422 0333 or see Choosing a larger bin