Glass collection trial in Lancefield

We started a glass collection trial in Lancefield on 7 August 2019 after issues with industry stockpiling of recyclables and China’s ban on importation of recyclables prompted Council to look at ways to improve the quality of recyclables and ensure a sustainable recycling service into the future.

Lancefield was chosen because it is the perfect size to run the trial.

At the 23 October 2019 Ordinary Council Meeting, Council endorsed plans to introduce a separate, shire-wide, glass-only bin collection service. 

The new 140 litre glass-only bins will be emptied every four weeks and have purple lids. These bins will be delivered by mid-February. As soon as you receive this bin, please start using it.

From Friday 14 February, please leave the glass-only trial bin out and we will collect it. If you have not already received your brand new purple lidded bin, this will be delivered by 20 February at the latest.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the trial. Your efforts in sorting glass from other recyclables have led to more materials being recycled and recovered locally and shown how committed our community is to reducing waste.