Riddells Creek

Precinct Structure Plan to guide urban growth for Riddells Creek 

A Precinct Structure Plan for the proposed development of land north of Amess Road will help Council guide future urban growth for the Riddells Creek township.

Macedon Ranges Shire Council resolved on August 2021 that the current Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) process for the new Amess Road residential area should continue, with Council to consider the rezoning request as the planning authority.

Council’s strategic planners are continuing to work closely with the applicant – development consortium Sector Advantage – to progress the PSP process over coming months.

The Amess Road PSP area covers approximately 100 hectares and is the first PSP proposed within the shire. 

Background summary

The land north of Amess Road was designated as a ‘priority residential development precinct’ in 2013 as the Riddells Creek Structure Plan was prepared and completed.

The Riddells Creek Structure Plan forms part of Council’s greater Settlement Strategy, which provides overall direction for urban growth consistent with environmental constraints, community aspirations and government policy until 2036.

The site has been zoned for urban growth since 2017 when Council and the Minister for Planning identified two future growth areas to the north and south of the existing town. This followed consultation with the community on the Riddells Creek Structure Plan, and the subsequent Planning Scheme Amendment C100.

In order for the precinct to develop, a Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) must be prepared. Developer Sector Advantage have started preparing a PSP for the precinct.  

Why are we doing this

Preparing and finalising the Amess Road PSP is critical to ensuring Riddells Creek has an adequate supply of land to meet the current and future housing needs of the community.

A PSP provides a ‘blueprint’ for development and infrastructure investment that will occur over many years by outlining important features of the precinct for local communities such as roads, parks, key transport connections and areas for housing.

Completing the PSP process is vital to give everyone a clearer idea of the scale of how this, or other future proposals, might fit in with the identity and neighbourhood character of Riddells Creek and its surrounds. 

What you have told us so far

Consultation on a draft urban framework plan for Riddells Creek in 2019, a prelude to the developer’s PSP, attracted 200 public submissions and concerns were raised by many landowners and residents.

A project summary and submissions is available on the closed consultation webpage for review.

In early 2020, strategic planners advised Council that the top three actions to respond to public submissions made at the time needed to include PSP objectives, requirements and guidelines that: 

  • provide a connected, safe and integrated pedestrian, cycling, road and public transport network with sufficient car parking.
  • provide for the design, location and delivery of community infrastructure.
  • provide an appropriate range of lot sizes that promotes a diversity of housing and respects the neighbourhood character. 

At its meeting of 26 February 2020 Council considered this consultation feedback and resolved to advise Sector Advantage that before lodging a formal request for a planning scheme amendment a draft Precinct Structure Plan be prepared incorporating the following:  

  1. A monitoring and review framework.
  2. A governance planning statement aligning service providers and agencies regarding their commitments toward infrastructure and services.
  3. Objectives, requirements and guidelines. 

Next steps

Council’s strategic planners are working closely with Sector Advantage to finalise technical studies and specifics on how the PSP will ensure an appropriate outcome for the Riddells Creek community.

Key elements will include delivering housing choices, infrastructure, and protecting heritage, character, landscape and environment values.

A report on the status of a related project, the Riddells Creek Movement Study — which covers transport and traffic issues — is due to be presented to Council in November 2021.

The developer has been advised to prepare a PSP that responds to the character of Riddells Creek and achieves the best outcome possible for the community, if it is to be approved by Council.

If Council approves the PSP, further community consultation will be undertaken as part of the Planning Scheme Amendment process. 

Stay informed

Interested members of the community are encouraged to sign up for quarterly updates on the PSP process to keep directly informed of its progress during 2022.

You can register your details to receive regular email updates about the project. 

If you have questions, contact Strategic Planning on (03) 5422 0333 or email strategicplanning@mrsc.vic.gov.au

Structure Plan implemented by Amendment C100

The Riddells Creek Structure Plan was implemented via Planning Scheme Amendment C100 in June 2017.

The Structure Plan articulates the vision and strategic framework for accommodating growth of Riddells Creek through to 2036.

Amendment C100 translates the Structure Plan into planning controls and policies, which have been in effect since June 2017.

Key changes made by Amendment C100

  • Introduced the Riddells Creek Town Structure Plan and Riddells Creek Neighbourhood Character Precinct Profiles as reference documents.
  • Introduced Clause 21.13-5 to the Macedon Ranges Planning Scheme to implement key directions from the Structure Plan, including specific objectives for residential precincts.
  • Rezoned an area north-east of the existing township to Urban Growth Zone to facilitate future growth of the town.
  • Rezoned all residential land within the township boundary from General Residential Zone to Neighbourhood Residential Zone. Mandatory minimum lot sizes are now specified for the Rural Bushland precincts where low levels of change are envisaged.
  • Introduced specific siting and design requirements to the Neighbourhood Residential Zones to protect neighbourhood character. These controls lift the current standard for all residential development to help ensure new houses integrate with their surrounds. The controls include a mandatory maximum height limit of 9 metres for all dwellings in the Neighbourhood Residential Zone.
  • Rezoned land between the Lions Club Reserve and Riddells Creek Recreation Reserve to Special Use Zone to facilitate a health, education and community precinct, and applied the Environmental Audit Overlay (EAO) to the land.
  • Introduced a Design and Development Overlay for the Riddells Creek commercial centre to provide design guidance for new development, particularly to facilitate improved pedestrian movements and better integration between the different parts of the shopping precinct.
  • Introduced an Environmental Significance Overlay around the Riddells Creek Recycled Water Plant to protect the operations of the facility. 

All Planning Scheme Amendment C100 material including the approved documents and Panel Report can be accessed via the DELWP website.

For more information, call our Strategic Planning team on (03) 5422 0333 or email strategicplanning@mrsc.vic.gov.au