Loddon Mallee Region Move It

Encouraging older residents to get moving

As part of the Loddon Mallee Region Move It project, we're inviting expressions of interest from groups keen to share in $1.2 million in funding to help people aged 65 and over who are living in the Loddon Mallee Region to be more active.

The project aims to:  

  • get inactive older Australians active
  • enhance older Australians’ understanding of the benefits of regular physical activity, including physical and mental wellbeing, and the benefits of social connectedness
  • enhance the capability and capacity of organisations and staff responsible for delivering age-appropriate activities to older Australians.

The project is funded by the Australian Government through a Sport Australia Move It AUS—Better Ageing grant.

Eligible organisations include:

  • Councils—either individually or in partnership with another Loddon Mallee council or community organisation.
  • Regional Sports Assemblies, tertiary institutions, Primary Care Partnerships (PCPs) and incorporated not-for-profit sport and recreation providers based in the Loddon Mallee Region—either individually or in partnership.

Not-for profit applicants must be registered as an incorporated body and have an ABN, or arrange for a legally constituted not-for-profit organisation or their council to manage (auspice) the funds.

For the application to be considered, the relevant council (or councils) must provide a letter of support confirming that the project:

  • is consistent with appropriate local data and evidence, including for example, consultations with older residents, and
  • addresses gaps and/or meets the needs of residents aged 65 years and over.

The lead organisation submitting the application will be responsible for reporting, accountability and compliance with contractual arrangements for each of its funded projects.

Individuals, for-profit organisations and unincorporated organisations without a sponsoring organisation are not eligible.

What kind of activities and projects will be funded?

Programs should develop an increased staff and/or volunteer competency, with the capability to help older Australians to become more active and aware of the benefits of regular physical activity.

Examples of participation based sport and physical activity programs may include, but are not limited to:

  • modified sports initiatives that include adapted time, equipment, playing formats, rules, non-physical contact or intensity; and/or
  • activities that develop greater flexibility, strength, balance, endurance and social connections.

For example, the funding can be used to:

  • employ someone to implement an activity/program
  • purchase activity equipment that is not a capital asset
  • run a program/activity that is modeled on something that has been done before, provided that there is evidence of demand and success of this type of project, and that it currently does not exist.
  • pay for venue hire, however your application will need to demonstrate how you intend to make this sustainable beyond the end of the project.
  • hire a bus for people who don’t have access to transport, provided your application demonstrates how you intend to make this sustainable beyond the end of the project.

Applications can apply for the maximum amount of funding allocated to each local government area. Note: a maximum of two project activities per local government area will be funded, therefore a partial grant may be offered.

The funding will cover the activities from September 2019 to September 2020. Projects that demonstrate sustainability beyond this time will be look upon more favourably. 

Applicants are responsible for marketing and promoting their program/activities. Please remember to allocate enough funds to do this.

What will not be funded?

Examples of projects/activities that will not be funded include:

  • stand-alone, one-off events
  • established projects that are already operating (and do not offer increased scope, reach or scale)
  • ongoing operational costs beyond the life of the project
  • high performance sport (including elite, representative sport and Masters sport)
  • purchase of capital assets (e.g. buildings, motor vehicles, furniture)
  • requests for retrospective funding
  • international travel.

Funding cannot be used to support an existing program. Preference will be given to new projects and those that can demonstrate a need or gap in service. 

Applications for the project funding have now closed.

A selection panel with representatives of the Loddon Mallee Region Move It Project Steering Group has been established and will review applications from 1-9 August.

Applicants will be notified from the 16 August to inform them of the outcome of their expressions of interest.