Gender Equality Workforce Challenge

Through the Workplace Challenge, Council is taking proactive steps to ensure its culture and policies reflect its commitment to gender equality and inclusion.

As part of the program, 80 leaders and key staff from across the organisation have engaged in open and honest discussions about gender equality and inclusion in a series of gender equality workshops. A further 60 Council staff will participate in additional training in in the coming months.

The staff workshops will culminate in action planning, with an organisational gender equality action plan to be developed later this year.

As well as delivering workshops and training to embed gender equality in our culture, Council is simultaneously reviewing policies and processes to ensure gender equality is embedded in its systems.

Council is committed to ongoing learning about gender equality and to sharing the experience of managing the project with the 19 other Victorian councils also participating in the workplace challenge.

The gender equality project runs for 12 months until December 2019 and has been made possible thanks to a $100,000 grant from the Victorian Government.