In This Together podcast

The weekly podcast series will share stories from across the shire about adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic, and looking beyond it. The series will look at what’s changed, what’s stayed the same, and how the community is sticking together and supporting each other. 

Each episode will focus on a different topic, starting with the first release Helping Hands and addressing subjects including Sustainability, Staying Connected, Creativity in Lockdown and more. Available on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Helping Hands

There’s always been a spirit of mutual aid in the Macedon Ranges but the Covid-19 pandemic has made things harder for a lot more people and brought up challenges in getting help. In this episode, we find out what help is out there if you’re doing it tough. We also meet Chloe Green, a local mask-maker who found herself rather busy this year and chat with a former Daffodil Queen. 

In the podcast we mention some of the help available in the Macedon Ranges.


“Sustainability” is more than just a buzzword these days.  And speaking of buzz, what do bees have to do with sustainability? We find out in this episode, along with a chat about what sustainable architecture looks like and how landowners can improve soil health and biodiversity.



Sports clubs bring people together, especially in small towns in the Macedon Ranges. So what happens when your season’s cancelled because of Covid?

We also join an online fitness class for people over 65 – so get your trainers on and start warming up!

For more info on this episode's topics, visit Back in the Game

Staying Connected

The pandemic and lockdown introduced us to the concept of “social distancing”.  So how can you stay in touch with loved ones and feel a sense of community while staying away from each other?

In the podcast we mention some of the help available in the Macedon Ranges.

Our Animal Friends

This episode is all about our furry, feathered and scaly friends - the pets and animals in the Shire. We speak with the founder of a local animal sanctuary, get the lowdown on “equine therapy”, and find out more about pet ownership in the Macedon Ranges.

For more info on this episode's topics, visit Edgars MissionMacedon Ranges Equine Therapy and our section on cats, dogs and pets.

Creativity in Lockdown

The Macedon Ranges is one of the most creative places in Victoria. So how can the arts survive and thrive during a pandemic? We speak with musicians, writers and festival directors. Plus an interview with music legend and Kyneton local Joe Camilleri!

In this podcast we talked about:


On this episode, we’re focusing on some inspiring stories from younger members of our community. From fundraising to advocacy, from winning awards to volunteering their time, they’re making a big impact.

This episode contains discussion of issues related to sexual health and consent, as well as mental health and suicide. If you are distressed by this discussion, and are located in Australia, you can talk to someone by contacting:

  • Victorian Sexual Assault Crisis Line 1800 806 292
  • LifeLine: 13 11 14

If you are accessing this podcast outside Australia, use the Internet to find a support service near you.

Back to Nature

The Macedon Ranges Shire is home to some magnificent nature – and some noisy wildlife! We head into the great outdoors to find out more about the calls of native critters and the history of the Kyneton Botanic Gardens. Plus we speak with horticulturalist and TV host Stephen Ryan in his beautiful private garden.

Health and Wellbeing

In today’s world, we recognise the importance of health in every aspect of life. On this episode we’ll speak to people working on health and wellbeing in the Shire -- from inclusive sports leagues, to aged care during a pandemic.

Humans of Macedon Ranges

Hear from fellow residents with fascinating and unique stories that range from high-profile residents to hidden gems. 

Marg Dearricott

Marg Dearricott is Secretary of the Kyneton Daffodil Festival and has been involved in the annual event for many years, starting from her time as Daffodil Queen in 2003.

On the first episode of our series of extended interviews, she speaks about the highlights of the Festival, why she enjoys being involved with other community groups and her love for the Kyneton Botanic Gardens.

Rob McIntyre

Rob McIntyre comes from one of the Shire’s most well-known sporting families – the McIntyres have been in the area for about a hundred years, and the local cricket cup is even named after them!

After years of playing cricket and football, Rob is now a very busy administrator, working behind the scenes to keep the games going.

We spoke to him in late 2020, just before the summer cricket season, about life, sport, and the local area.

Marcus Ward

Marcus Ward is an architect from Pastoria, who specialises in sustainable home design around the Shire.

We discuss sustainable architecture, the local area, wombats, plus how he turned a decommissioned tram into a home office.

Suzanne McDonnell

At the start of 2020, Suzanne McDonnell took up the position of Food Coordinator at Kyneton Community House, and was excited to oversee the delivery of the community meal. But she had to adapt quickly when the covid-19 pandemic made shared, sitdown meals impossible.

We talked to Suzanne about the importance of fostering community connection, and the changes to the local area – plus, a few cooking tips!

Pam Ahern

Pam Ahern used to be an equestrian champion but is now more renowned for her work as an advocate for animals. She founded the Edgar’s Mission Animal Sanctuary in Lancefield and it is home to hundreds of animals, including pigs, sheep and chickens. As this week’s Human of Macedon Ranges, she talks about her life, animal rights and the little pig who captured her heart.

Joe Camilleri

You probably know Joe Camilleri for his hits with Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons and the Black Sorrows. But he’s not just a rock star, he’s a proud Kyneton resident! We spoke to Joe in late 2020, to get his thoughts on music, the pandemic, and what he loves about the area.

Paul Dettmann and Simon Burnett

Simon Burnett is a pastor with a marketing background and Paul Dettmann is a sixth generation farmer who works in biodiversity protection. They’re also the founders of the Social Foundry, a not-for-profit social enterprise based in Kyneton. They started out in 2015 with the aim of providing disadvantaged youth with key work and life skills.

Check out The Social Foundry

In this conversation we learn more about their mission, what drives them and how they’re surviving the Covid-19 pandemic.

Stephen Ryan

Stephen Ryan is a horticulturalist who runs a rare plant nursery in Mt Macedon. He was the host of Gardening Australia on ABC TV, though that wasn't his first TV gig by a long shot.

We catch up with Stephen in his beautiful private garden called Tugurium for a chat about his childhood, interest in rare plants and what every garden needs.

Macedon Ranges Nature Pod

Macedon Ranges is a biodiversity hotspot and your backyard is no exception!

Our monthly podcast series feature frogs, night birds, backyard birds and more. You can listen in the car, while you are cooking dinner, going for a walk or just over a cuppa at home.

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