Prepare for summer with safe burn-offs

Published on 01 October 2021

Macedon Ranges Shire Council, in consultation with local CFA brigades, is advising residents to begin clearing their property and burn off any debris in October ahead of the summer fire season.

In October, property owners of land less than 4,000 square metres (one acre) do not need a permit to burn off leaves, twigs and small branches, to minimise fire risk.

A permit is required from the Fire Prevention Officer outside of October for smaller property owners wishing to burn off.

Residents must ensure that when burning off they do not create a nuisance for their neighbours and should continue to monitor any burn-off for at least seven days to ensure it is fully extinguished.

Council also reminds residents to consider the safety of wildlife and check their piles for animals before they burn tree debris. Wildlife officers recommend residents use a torch and a broom, or pole, to carefully check the centre and bottom areas of the bonfire. A spade or fork could cause serious injury to an animal.

Large loads of green waste (excluding noxious weeds) can also be taken and tipped for free at Council’s transfer stations. Residents are also encouraged to make use of their green waste bin.

Residents wishing to burn off must monitor weather conditions before starting any fire and must register their burn by calling 1800 668 511.

For more information about burning off, visit our fire-ready webpage or call Council on 5422 0333.