Council takes up the Plastic Free July Challenge

Published on 25 June 2021

Single-use plastics are back in the spotlight this year, with Federal, State and local governments all taking action on the issue. Measures include the National Plastics Plan and the phased banning of single-use plastics in many states and cities. It is now time to get on board by participating in plastic-free July.

A survey of 1,638 Australians (Thinkfield Research September 2020) showed that 92% of people support policies and actions to reduce plastic waste. This July, as part of its ongoing efforts to reduce plastic waste and protect our environment, Macedon Ranges Shire Council has taken the Plastic Free July Challenge to help our community avoid single-use plastics.

Council staff will be taking on personal plastic-free challenges and sharing information about how the community can reduce their use of single-use plastics.

Macedon Ranges Shire Council Mayor, Cr Jennifer Anderson said, “Plastic Free July is one of the many opportunities to work together on reducing plastic waste. This is especially so for the plastic waste we may otherwise send to landfill. We also want to reduce the use of fossil fuels in the production of single-use plastics in the first place.”

Council has developed a towards zero single-use plastics action plan for phasing out single-use plastics within Council operations and then assisting the community and businesses to do the same.

“We’ve supported Plastic Free July over the years, and in 2021, the Council is stepping up its involvement to bring the community together on the issue of waste reduction,” said Mayor Anderson.

“Residents of the Macedon Ranges will find many local businesses already provide great alternative ways of packaging goods. These alternative include plastic-free, long-lasting, reusable and easily recyclable products as alternatives to single-use plastics. This is a great opportunity to buy local whilst taking the challenge of Plastic-free July.”

“Once you start making some changes during Plastic Free July, you will learn how easy it is to continue them as part of everyday activities and choose non-plastic alternatives almost every time.”

Last year, an estimated 326 million people worldwide took part in the Plastic Free July challenge. On average, participants reduced their household waste and recycling by almost 5% (or 21kg). Plastic Free July is an established and successful way to encourage people to take simple action in their daily lives to reduce single-use plastic waste at home, work and school.

To participate in this free program visit Plastic Free July - Take the Challenge and choose to refuse a few single use plastics. There’s even a Pesky Plastics Quiz to help you find the right plastics to start your challenge.

To find out what activities are happening in the area, go to Plastic Free July - events