Community Satisfaction Survey to move to quarterly interviews

Published on 15 June 2022

Council will move the Community Satisfaction Survey interviews from being conducted annually to quarterly.

This decision is in line with best practice - allowing for any seasonality that may influence results and providing Council with a more accurate reflection of key themes and opportunities for improvement or development. Approximately a dozen councils in Victoria are now undertaking quarterly interviewing and have found it to be beneficial in capturing community sentiment at different points throughout the year.

Residents are therefore being advised that the first round of quarterly interviews for the next survey will commence on 16 June and run until 3 July. Some households may receive a call from independent market research agency, National Field Services (NFS) who have been commissioned to conduct the survey on behalf of Council. Calls will only come from a fixed line number, not a mobile phone and the caller will always identify themselves and state that they are from National Field Services.

Chief Executive Officer Bernie O’Sullivan said the Community Satisfaction Survey would still involve approximately 400 interviews being conducted by phone among a representative sample of residents, however, they will be over the course of the year compared to only once per year.

“The survey is an important method of assessing Council’s performance across a range of measures and to identify ways to provide improvement or more effective service delivery to residents.”

“Our hope is that in spreading the survey across the year, the data will enable even greater insights and ultimately responsiveness from Council. It is one of the ways we are seeking to strengthen our engagement with the community this year.”

“For those people who do receive a call, we appreciate your taking the time to assist us with valuable feedback.”

“Please be assured that your details and individual responses are confidential. Only the overall results are shared with Council,” he said.

Residents with questions regarding the Community Satisfaction Survey can contact (03) 5422 0333.

More information about NFS: National Field Services website