Ross Watt Reserve Master Plan

Submissions closed on 30 June 2023, 05:00 PM

Feedback was invited on a draft master plan for Ross Watt Reserve in New Gisborne in June 2023.

This important area of passive and active open space offers grassed areas, a playground, public toilets, BMX humps and tennis facilities with four courts. Future upgrades identified include a new tennis pavilion, two new synthetic grass courts (to replace two courts that are at the end of their life) and a picnic shelter with a barbecue.

The master plan will provide a long-term road map for the future development and improvement of the reserve in a pre-planned, strategic manner, with individual projects being subject to funding and detailed design.

How we developed the draft master plan

In August 2022, Council commissioned a study to review the New Gisborne Tennis Club (NGTC) developed Master Plan for the site. The study aimed to establish a current vision for the reserve to guide its future development.

The following drivers triggered the need to undertake the study:

  1. In 2015, NGTC, with assistance from Council, presented a draft master plan for community feedback. This included consultation with surrounding neighbours and holding three resident information sessions. However, the draft plan did not proceed to Council for endorsement.
  2. In April 2022, NGTC organised another community meeting to engage the New Gisborne community for comment regarding the club's proposed reserve Master Plan.
  3. NGTC is the reserve's only formal tenant sports club, and they have expressed a need for improved facilities. An endorsed master plan will guide the future development of the reserve and will support any future funding bids.
  4. Consideration of options to enhance non-sporting opportunities at the reserve.

The draft master plan includes several directions for enhancing active and passive use of the reserve.

Overall vision for the reserve

  • Enhance the appearance of the reserve and make it more attractive, welcoming and accessible.
  • Retain the openness and uncluttered nature of the reserve.

Tennis facilities

  • Enhance the reserve’s capacity for structured sport, by nominating it as the location for tennis facilities in New Gisborne.
  • Relocation of courts 3 and 4 (due to their current structural condition). The relocation of courts 3 and 4 to the east of courts 1 and 2, and with future provision for an additional four courts (providing up to eight courts in total, subject to growth and demand) will open up sight lines and access to the eastern side of the reserve.   
  • Retention of courts 1 and 2.  
  • Provide a new tennis clubroom facility.


  • Improve reserve infrastructure (car park, drainage, public toilets, park furniture, boundary fencing).
  • Enhance informal play and passive recreation opportunities.
  • Achieve a suitable balance between developed and natural areas of the reserve.  
  • Enhance the entrances to the reserve through improved signage and landscaping.
  • Raise the reserve profile and encourage greater use of and community pride in the reserve.  
  • Retain the dog off leash area.  
  • Undertake tree works to improve the visibility and function of the reserve.  
  • Removal of north-south row of Cypress trees that create a barrier across the middle of the reserve. 

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