Have your say on Waste Management & Resource Recovery Strategy

Submissions closing on 10 May 2021, 05:00 PM

Council is seeking community feedback on the draft Waste Management & Resource Recovery Strategy.(PDF, 1MB)

The strategy outlines the way in which Council will provide leadership and empower the community to create a sustainable future by avoiding and reducing waste, and increasing the reuse and recovery of material resources for improved productivity and environmental protection.

It has been drafted using frameworks from various national, state and regional strategies, with additional consultation provided by Council staff and feedback received from more than 120 residents who responded to the waste issues and opportunities survey in 2020. 

The draft Waste Management and Resource Recovery Strategy 2021 – 2026 has been prepared to provide sustainable solutions for the collection, disposal and resource recovery from waste generated within our community.

The previous strategy was adopted in 2015 and spanned a period of significant and long-term changes in Australia’s waste and resource recovery sector.

The banning of recycling exports to China, long-term stockpiling of municipal commingled recycling, closure of major Victorian recycling facilities and capacity issues within the recycling and reprocessing industry within Australia have placed significant pressure on local government to provide sustainable services to their communities. These issues have highlighted the fragility of our waste and recycling systems, our over-reliance on landfills and the need for a strategy that is built on the principles of education, transparency, resilience and sustainability.

As a consequence, several major changes have taken place in the Council’s management and operation of waste and resource recovery services. Council responded to the recycling crisis by introducing a four-bin waste collection service at the start of February 2020. The four bin system enables a new food organics garden organics (FOGO) service and the separation of glass from the commingled recycling bin.

Other significant changes include the following:

  • E-waste landfill ban – in July 2019 all e-waste was banned from landfill which saw the cost of managing e-waste significantly increase
  • Increasing cost of landfill – EPA landfill levy is continuously rising and predicted to rise significantly shortly
  • Container deposit scheme (CDS) – the commitment by the Victorian state government of a CDS by 2023
  • Changes to State and Federal waste policies.

The draft strategy looks at where we are currently, and looks forward to where we want to be in five years. It will provide direction for Council’s future waste management and resource recovery activities and services to ensure that the Macedon Ranges Shire is well placed as we move into the 2021-2026 period.

It incorporates several focus areas:

  • Waste Avoidance and Minimisation
  • Resource Recovery
  • Waste Education and Behaviour Change
  • Circular Economy.

There are a number of ways you can have your say: