Cool Changes Romsey and Lancefield

March to June 2021

Welcome to the project platform for Cool Changes - Romsey and Lancefield

Here is where you can contribute your ideas for local action to improve the sustainability of the part of the world you call home, thereby helping to create a better social and environmental future for you and your community.

Over the next few months, your ideas will be collated along with ideas gathered at community meetings and 'conversation stalls', and drawn together into a plan to guide action for sustainability into the future.    

Cool Changes is a localised approach to community climate change action, and its success requires your participation. Take the first step in creating a sustainable future by participating in the project, and enjoy the journey ahead!


There’s a lot of talk about climate change, and what it might mean for our livelihoods in the future.  Recent work undertaken by state government in partnership with the Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO indicates that by 2050, we’ll be living in a very different climate, with more days above 38C degrees, fewer days of frost, more days of high fire risk, and greater variations in frequency and intensity of rainfall patterns (see the Loddon Campaspe Climate Projections 2019(PDF, 2MB)).  This will impact on many aspects of life, from the number of days people can work or play outdoors, to our ability to grow food, to the health of our flora and fauna, to our comfort levels at home, and to the costs of maintaining and repairing infrastructure.   

The good news is that we can take a wide range of action now to minimise these disruptions.

The Romsey and Lancefield region is in a perfect position to maximise the impact and effectiveness of local action on climate change, extending from the foundation of grass roots activity already underway to build community connections and resilience, from the farmers market at Lancefield, to work by the Friends of Five Mile Creek, to plans for expanding the Romsey Coop and Feed it Forward initiatives. 

Council’s Cool Changes program works as a partnership with local communities and independent facilitators to guide the development of local action plans, for the community to own and implement into the future. It will draw together existing actions, identify opportunities for action, and provide a framework for enabling that action. 


27 March - Local residents share ideas at a conversation stall at Lancefield Farmer’s Market

A bit of unsettled weather didn’t hinder a dozen or so residents stopping by to chat to staff and consultants about potential action on climate change. Suggestions for shared transport, renewable energy, and urban biodiversity will be incorporated into information being gathered under each action area.

Didn’t get to the farmer’s market? No drama! We’ll be hosting another conversation stall on 17 April in the IGA carpark in Romsey, and you can also phone or email ideas to myself (contact details on side of page). Your contribution will be even more meaningful when shared on this platform – visit the action area(s) of your interest, and add your suggestion(s) for community action on climate change, indicating what role you may be able to play in turning ideas into action.

Remember, “from little things, big things grow”, so no matter the scale of action, it can help create a more sustainable future for you and your community!

17 March 2021 - Online meeting gets project off to a strong start

A small group of residents had a lively discussion on 17 March, laying the foundations for the Cool Changes project in Romsey and Lancefield. Information and notes from the meeting can be viewed in the attached document.

Take a look at the notes, then add your ideas for action according to your interest(s), under the tab “Areas for Action”. Your contributions will build on the project foundations to help inform the content of a local action plan and help create a more sustainable environment and connected community into the future.