Billy Sparrow


At Billy Sparrow we work with individuals and groups to develop social and emotional skills and promote awareness through experiential learning with horses. Surrounded by tranquil bush our property in Woodend is a perfect therapeutic environment to explore and challenge patterns of relating to ourselves and others. Sessions are designed to be empowering fulfilling and flexibly guided by what you want to achieve.

Equine Assisted Learning and Psychotherapy is an alternative way to traditional therapies to become more aware and more present in order to promote healthier happier versions of ourselves our relationships and our lives. Individual or group sessions can be helpful to explore communication and relationship patterns behaviour patterns expression of emotion feeling stuck coping with grief and/or trauma and general personal development.

Group sessions can also be fantastic for improving team cohesiveness and leadership skills as well as a creative and engaging way to implement corporate training programs. From your organisation perspective whether you're looking for a strengths-based management workshop training or educational service reflective practice support or a best practice seminar we have you covered. We can work with you and your staff on-site or at the tranquil grounds of Billy Sparrow in Woodend to ensure the best learning environment for your team.