Weeds and native plants

Weeds and native plants

Practical information and resources to help you identify weeds and native plants on your property.

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Your responsibilities for weed control

As a private landowner, you have a legal responsibility to control weeds on your property.

Chemical free weed control

Avoid harsh chemicals and limit weed problems on your land using an integrated or 'whole farm' approach.

Annual weed program

Our weed control program focuses on Council-owned or managed roadsides and reserves.

Blackberry control

Blackberry is regarded as one of the worst weeds in Australia because of its invasiveness, potential for spread, and economic and environmental impacts.

What weed is that?

Learn to identify different weeds and the best methods of controlling them.

Controlling gorse on your property

Controlling gorse, a major weed of Victoria, requires a combination of techniques over the long-term.

Native plants of the Macedon Ranges

Find out ways to search for and record sightings of native species, and how species are classified and protected in legislation.

Grassy weeds

Several introduced grass species ​are becoming prevalent in the Macedon Ranges and can have a devastating impact on biodiversity and agricultural land.

Chemical weed control

Things you need to know before undertaking a chemical weed control program on your property.