Septic tanks and wastewater

Septic tanks and wastewater

Help with septic wastewater management systems including permits, plans, installation and maintenance.

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Septic tank permits & plans

Permits required to install, replace, alter or use a septic tank system/wastewater management system.

Septic tank system maintenance

How to correctly maintain your septic tank system and signs of a failing system on your property.

Locating your septic tank

Finding where your septic tank and effluent drains/area are located on your property.

Installing a septic tank system

Requirements for septic tank systems, also known as wastewater management systems, within Macedon Ranges Shire Council

Types of septic tank systems

Different types of Septic Tank/ Wastewater Management Systems that can be installed.

Mount Macedon Wastewater Project

Mount Macedon Wastewater Project aims to upgrade the management of wastewater in the Mount Macedon area.