Sustainable gardening

Create a sustainable garden and enjoy a beautiful and productive outdoor living space that is also kind to the environment.

Home Harvest booklet

Learn how to grow your own delicious fresh food with Home Harvest. This educational and inspirational guide was written by Sustainable Gardening Australia and produced by Western Water, in partnership with Macedon Ranges Shire Council and Hume City Council. 

Home Harvest will teach you more about the health benefits of growing your own food, planning your garden, soil health, compost and worm farm care, and dealing with pests and disease naturally.

Planting for greater biodiversity

Indigenous plants can improve the biodiversity (variety of living things) in your garden. By using indigenous plants in your own garden you'll create a haven for our local plants, insects, lizards, possums, butterflies and bird species.

To encourage wildlife into your backyard:

  • select plants for their seeds, nectar, sap, fruits, leaves and roots
  • provide water in the form of a bird-bath or bog garden
  • provide protection and shelter by retaining leaf litter and mulch, logs and piles of old bricks
  • plant large areas of indigenous species and help to create ‘wildlife corridors’. This allow species to move more freely and improves their chances of survival.

Learn more about our native species, visit: Native plants & animals.

Drought-proof your garden

For tips to help make your garden drought-resistant, see Saving water.

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