Sustainable living

Sustainable living

Learn how to live a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

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Sustainable businesses

Ideas for small and medium-sized businesses to transition to a more efficient, 'greener' way of doing business.

Green cleaning

'Green cleaning' is a way to clean your home using healthier alternatives and fewer products for the benefit of the environment.

Sustainable gardening

Garden design for food harvesting, low maintenance, drought-tolerance and healthy wildlife habitats.

Sustainability grants and rebates

You may be eligible for a range of energy and water saving rebates.

Saving water

You can save water in and around the home by using water efficient products, changing your water-use habits and following current water restrictions.


Many household items can be recycled by putting them in your recycling bin or taking them to your local Transfer Station.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency requirements for new homes and renovations.