Native and pest animals

Native and pest animals

Help us to record and protect our native wildlife, and control pest animals in the shire.

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Living with wildlife

Tips on dealing with wildlife in the outdoors, while driving and on your property.


Find out about our local bird population and get involved in the annual bird count.

Fauna monitoring

Nestboxes, remote wildlife cameras and spotlights are being used in bshland reserves to better understand the diversity of our local wildlife.

Snakes and other reptiles

Information about snakes and other reptiles in the shire.


You can help ensure the survival of our local bat species by protecting their environment.


Populations of Kangaroos can fluctuate with the availability of food and water.

Indian Myna Action Group

The Macedon Ranges Indian Myna Action Group is a community group seeking to remove Indian Mynas from the local environment.

Rare and threatened animals of the Macedon Ranges

The Macedon Ranges has a number of significant animals which are rare or in decline.

Foxes, cats and rabbits

Foxes, cats and rabbits threaten local fauna and flora. There are various ways you can control these pest animals on your property.

Wasps and bees

Advice on the removal of wasp and bees nests on private property and Council land.