Building, renovating or extending

Building, renovating or extending

Find out if you need a permit to build on your property.

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Do I need a permit?

Find out what type of works require a building permit and when a planning permit is required.

Building requirements

Find out about the types of building requirements and land use restrictions that may apply on your property.

Building on your property

Permit and land use information about building on your property.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency requirements for new homes and renovations.

Types of building works

Permit and other requirements for different types of building works, including decks, pools, fences, sheds and carports.

Owner builders

Permit requirements and responsibilities for owner builders.

Application process

Preparing and submitting a building permit application.

Request plans or permits

Request a copy of building plans or building permit information for your property

Forms and fees

Download an building permit application form and find out what fees are involved.

Asset Protection Permit

Apply for a permit to do work outside the front fenceline of your property.

Change your permit

Apply for an extension or amendment to your building permit.