Immunisation history

When enrolling your child in primary school you will need a school entry immunisation status certificate. 

An immunisation history may also be required when you are applying for some jobs or courses, and when travelling overseas.

School entry immunisation status certificate

You will automatically receive a history statement from the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register after your child has completed the 4-year-old immunisations.  This history statement is the school entry immunisation status certificate.

Immunisation history

A copy of a history statement can be obtained for vaccines given to children 0-7 years after 1 January 1996 by contacting:

For a record of vaccines given before 1 January 1996 or school aged students please contact the provider of the vaccine.  This may be your doctor or the local Council where you lived at the time of immunisation.

If vaccines were given at a Macedon Ranges Shire Council session please contact us and provide your full name at time of immunisation, date of birth, a contact number and years you attended school. 

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